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Thank you for your interest in Rock & Water Creations' technical training seminars and family of realistic and lightweight (GFRC) reinforced concrete products. Ideal for any commercial or residential job, our GFRC products provide a more versatile and cost-effective alternative to natural rock or hand-carving.

As the United State's largest manufacturer and wholesaler of GFRC boulders and rock panels to the trade, Rock & Water Creations enjoys a worldwide reputation for our customer service and the realism of our products. We're pleased you are expressing interest in our company as well.


Rock & Water Creations' president Rodger Embury has 30 yearsof experience in the water features and landscape industries and has spent the past decade perfecting manufacturing techniques to create a wide assortment of GFRC products with molds taken from actual boulders and cliffs.


Compared to, for example, a 3,000-pound natural boulder, a similar-sized rock from our company weighs just 180 pounds and installs much easier and faster, looks better, costs less and--most importantly--provides a contractor with a higher profit margin than working with natural rock or hand-carving.

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We're proud to be in demand by waterscape, landscape and general construction contractors who have previously been unable to find a reliable supplier of quality materials to meet the growing number of their customers desiring a more impressive, exotic and natural look in their commercial and residential projects.

Once they join other trade professionals from around the country for one of our required two-day technical seminars in which they're fully familiarized with proper GFRC installation and finishing techniques, our contractor customers are able to order an excellent product that provides the consistency, versatility and quality they demand.

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How We Calculate Our Basic Pricing
Our wholesale price list is only provided to qualified contractors, architects or designers in the pool, spa,landscaping or construction trades who complete our online "Trade Professionals Info Request" form. Pricing is based on the square footage of each boulder or rock cliff panel using the actual manufactured surface area. We provide price discounts based on total volume for each individual order. The total square footage of our boulders and rock cliff panels is included in our part number for each item as seen on our "Product Catalog" pages of this web site. Examples: P3311 ("P" is for panel, "33" is the square footage, "11" is our item number), R0931 ("R" is for boulder, "9" is the square footage, "31" is our item number).

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Business Forms in PDF
Our contractor order forms and other documents are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows both PC and Macintosh users to easily open, view and print documents created in all types of software applications. If you don't already have Adobe's Acrobat Reader--required to open PDFs--you can quickly download it for FREE from Adobe by clicking on the icon below.

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To download, view and print any of the following PDF forms, click on the title below after you have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on your computer:

Material Order Forms

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Product Specifications
Our products are manufactured to a thickness of between 5/8-3/4" with a per-square-foot weight of approx. 9-10 lbs. Total weight estimates can be calculated by multiplying the square footage of each item by 9-10 lbs. All boulders are hollow and open at the bottom. The majority of our boulder and rock cliff panels are cast with one or more metal hooks which can be helpful when hoisting during unloading and/or on which to tie steel schedules during installation.

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, all of our products have a neutral cement tone with a dull, stone-like appearance. Most, if not all, of our customers color the boulders and panels on-site after being installed using techniques learned during our hands-on technical seminar. We do offer a pre-delivery coloring service of $3 per square foot in sandstone, light granite and gray-brown finishes if needed.

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Shipping, Payment Information
We are able to ship within 48 hours of receiving an order and payment (depending on the carrier, shipping across country takes an additional 4-5 days). All orders are FOB Fillmore, CA (Zip: 93015). You can choose to: Pick-up your order from our manufacturing facility if you're local enough; Schedule your own carrier; or Allow us to handle all shipping arrangements. You can also request that we attempt to provide a better quote from our shippers than the one you were given by your carrier. Palleting is available at an additional charge for boulders if required by retail customers such as nurseries, home and garden centers, etc. To keep our prices as low as possible, payment in full is required prior to shipping (by company or cashier's check, money order, credit card or bank wire transfer).

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Why Must New Wholesale Customers Take Our Technical Seminar First?

alt tagUnless they've already installed GFRC boulders and rock cliff panels such as ours, or are interested only in our boulder products, before they place their first order we require that all new customers complete one of our two-day hands-on technical seminars which are generally held every three weeks Fri.-Sat. from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at our Southern California facility.

We've discovered it's a disservice--both to our customers and us--if we sell our products to others without giving them the advantage of our years of experience, mixture formulas, tips on how to avoid common mistakes, and other tricks of the trade. Completion of one of our seminars in advance of placing their first order has enabled new customers to "hit the ground running" without spending valuable time on the phone with us in an attempt to gain the knowledge we would have more skillfully provided them in a hands-on classroom setting.

Besides learning GFRC installation, hand-work, coloring and other important techniques, individuals who visit our facility to attend one of our seminars also benefit from seeing our manufacturing process and are able to view in-person the full variety and natural detail of more than 80 different stocked items for ease of ordering in the future.

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What Skill Prerequisites Must Seminar Participants Have?
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Rock & Water Creations wants our customers to be successful, however our seminars are not designed to teach participants a career, but rather help them build on the skills and experience they should already have. We've discovered that the individuals who are able to fully grasp the techniques we share in our seminars are those who have backgrounds with at least several years of experience in masonry and/or reinforced concrete and hydraulics (i.e., pumps, understanding of how to "distribute" water, etc.).

Equally as important, we've noticed that the seminar participants who almost immediately begin putting their new knowledge to use are those who display a certain aggressive "can-do" attitude and are eager to make the jump to our GFRC technology without returning to using natural stone or hand-carving--both methods that most see as outdated and unprofitable when compared to using our GFRC material. Because our two-day seminars are small in size, we only accept students who have the most potential to succeed and therefore require that participants have, at a minimum, the above trade experience and a willingness to place their first order within 60 days of the seminar to take advantage of our full seminar refund policy (see below).

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What Will I Learn In The Seminar?
Participants in our comprehensive two-day seminars are introduced to the most advanced techniques and materials available today to create awe-inspiring and profitable water features for their commercial and residential clients. Click on the icon below to see the two-day program's curriculum.

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How Much Do The Seminars Cost?
Our seminars are technically free for qualified trade professionals. There is, however, a required deposit of $995 which includes all classroom materials and two days of instruction for up to two company representatives, continental breakfasts, full lunches and refreshments and follow-up technical advice. The complete fee is refunded if seminar participants' first order within 60 days of the class totals 300 or more square feet of Rock & Water castings. As an additional bonus, participants who purchase--and take receipt of--an order within 30 days of their seminar date will receive a bonus discount of 25% off their first 300 square feet of boulder or rock cliff panel castings! (Professional training and education can be tax-deductible. Please contact your accountant for details). Classes are held at our Southern California facility, Fri.-Sat. once a month from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. To receive an application or more information, call (805) 524-5600 or click here.

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Where We're Located In So. California:
Our manufacturing facility in Southern California is located inland between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara (59 miles north of Los Angeles Int'l. Airport and about 20 minutes from Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia). Some contractors combine their attendance at our seminars with a family vacation to the state and its popular attractions. Driving directions and hotel recommendations are provided once a company has registered for a seminar.

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Still Want More Information?
Trade professionals should click here to download easy-to-read product information or here to request more details or an application to attend an upcoming seminar.

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815 Fifth Street Fillmore, CA 93015
(805) 524-5600 Ext. 10