Enjoy the Serenity of your own waterfall!

Introducing "The San Miguel," the first in a series of new waterfalls from Rock & Water Creations, designed to look more realistic and sound more natural than any other product on the market.

Contractors agree it's the perfect answer for commercial and residential customers who might not have the budget, or time, for a more elaborate custom water feature installation using our (GFRC) reinforced concrete boulders and rock cliff panels, the same incredibly strong, quality material used to create "The San Miguel," which can withstand freeze-thaw and any other extreme weather conditions.

Whether cascading into a new or renovated pool, serving as the dramatic centerpiece of a pond, or placed in a courtyard, lobby or patio, "The San Miguel" -- sized 5' (W) x 5' (L) x 3' (H) and weighing 650-750 lbs. --can easily be installed in a day or two by a landscape or water feature professional in your area (some homeowners with construction experience, or friends in the business, have also been able to install this model).

Your installer needs a minimum 42-inch access point through which to wheel the waterfall using a large industrial-style dolly available at most rental yards if they don't already have one.

"The San Miguel" includes a 2" slip floor inlet fitting which doubles as a flow control valve and can handle a pump that delivers a maximum of 50 gallons per minute (GPM). An 8" lip shown in the detailed images page (click here) is designed to fit over a pool's bond beam or into a pond (it can also be cut off and removed).

With a strength rating of 11,000 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi), "The San Miguel" can easily handle the weight of children who seem to love to jump from, or scramble over it, while playing.

The suggested retail price is $2,495 including coloring, but not shipping (call or e-mail us for a quick quote). The cost of installation usually starts at $900, but can be more or less depending on access, additional options added to the package (i.e., accent boulders, a cement pond instead of a plastic one, etc.).

This "all-in-one" waterfall can be featured by itself or accented with our wide selection of GFRC boulders, modeled from actual natural stone. "The San Miguel" also makes a great foundation on, or around, which a trained installer can create a larger or taller water feature with other family quality GFRC products.

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