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Waterfalls made with artificial rock never looked so good! As North America's largest supplier of reinforced concrete (GFRC) artificial boulders and rock cliff panels used in the swimming pool and spa, landscaping and general construction trades, Rock & Water Creations enjoys a worldwide reputation for the realism, quality and huge selection of its cast stone products as well as for its two-day seminars for professionals, excellent technical assistance and top-notch customer service.

One Piece Waterfalls

Just imagine Rock & Water Creation's new "San Miguel" waterfall cascading into your new or remodeled swimming pool design, backyard pond or stream! Crafted from quality reinforced concrete (GFRC) rock cliff panels cast from natural rock formations, the "San Miguel" is the ideal answer for homeowners who might not have the budget for a swimming pool, spa, landscaping or general construction contractor to create a more elaborate custom water feature using our company's family of GFRC panels and artificial boulders.


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