Cremation Garden Planning

"CG Series" of Personal Monuments™

Rock & Water Creations' new "CG Series" of Personal Monuments™ for cremation gardens and nature trails have quickly gained popularity with owners of private, VA, religious, public and even pet cemeteries who appreciate their versatile design potential and ability to expand their after-cremation memorialization sales.

When placed among a project's pathways, memorial benches and landscaping, these special cremation garden products are a more natural way to celebrate the lives of their customers' loved ones while generating substantial revenue from the growing rate of cremations by taking advantage of areas on their property that they might have considered unsuable due to tree growth, rocky soil conditions or awkward size.

Made to replicate a bark-encrusted tree stump and 11 different boulders, the "CG Series"--as well as Rock & Water Creations' regular line of monuments--are crafted from a minimum of one-inch thick reinforced concrete (GFRC) replicated rock and are hollow and open at the bottom; allowing their rugged beauty to be surpassed only by their strength.

Large enough at 70-140 lbs. to be considered a true "monument," yet small enough to be installed without expensive heavy equipment, each model is manufactured to withstand 9,000psi (pounds per sq. inch) of pressure and extreme temperature conditions such as freeze-thaw to ensure a lasting memorial for future generations.

Their practicality and uniqueness immediately attracted interest from senior management at one of the country's most respected family of cemeteries, and staff from their cemetery design firm, Dallas, TX-based J. Stuart Todd, Inc. (, which ordered 600 of the monuments for a new cremation garden at one of their locations, named among "The World's 10 Best Cemeteries" last year by (click here for details).

The preferred installation system for the monuments at cremation gardens and nature trails is to position them above individual in-ground, 1,872-cubic-inch concrete vaults which can accommodate cremains and keepsakes (a special fixture manufactured under the replications allows a rod to be threaded through the lid of the vault into the monument so they can be tightened together to form a single unit).

Once the monument is needed for use and the 7 1/2" (w) x 5" (h) bronze or granite ordered and received, a cemetery's staff can use normal hardware to mount the plaque into a recess already manufactured into each "CG Series" Monument. The 7 1/2" (w) x 5" (h) plaque size can be used for individuals, but is also ideal for companion names, dates, scrolls if needed, and verse.

Although not seen by most as a necessity, for additional security of the monument itself, a heavy anti-theft metal eyelet is manufactured into each model. To utilize it, first purchase an inexpensive lock and small two-foot section of chain. Then simply excavate a hole directly below where the monument will be placed, lock one end of the chain onto the metal eyelet under the monument, pour quick-drying cement into the hole and push the chain slack into the slurry where it can harden.

Pricing for the company's "CG Series" Monuments is quoted to death care industry professionals upon request (the "CG Series" monuments are sold in quanitity orders only). An estimate for shipping depending on order quantity can also be provided at that time.

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