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Rodger Embury began installing "water features" such as waterfalls, streams and ponds in the 1970s during his off-duty days while still a fireman with the Los Angeles City Fire Department, a full-time career that lasted 24 years until his retirement in 1986. Like others in the landscape and fledgling water features industries in those days, he primarily used real rock for his projects. Unlike others in his field, however, Rodger soon realized the many drawbacks of working with natural stone and immediately began looking for a better material that could achieve the same look, but without all the limitations. This search helped him learn of the advantages of creating lightweight artificial alternatives which weredramatically less costly and time-consuming than sourcing, transporting and installing cumbersome natural rock that often weighed thousands of pounds. Rodger's path of discovery initially led him to achieve his creative artistry by pioneering the design of faux or artificial boulders and cliffs from steel armature and wire mesh layered with concrete and cement which were hand-carved into shapes meant to appear as much like natural boulders and cliffs as possible (a technique many contractors still rely upon today despite the lack of realism it tends to offer).

Realizing that even this technique didn't provide the level of quality and intricate detail he knew his clients expected, Rodger began experimenting with other methods before finally settling on (GFRC) reinforced concrete as the ultimate material from which to create lightweight, yet strong, products using molds taken outdoors directly from boulders and faces of rock cliffs. Under the name Rock & Water Creations, and with a huge selection of GFRC molds and material, he began building a thriving business in the design and installation of water features including everything from small waterfalls in backyards of private homes to large projects at zoos, museums, multi-million dollar estates, golf courses and resorts using the GFRC boulders and rock cliff panels his company manufactured. Today, with two separate divisions and as the United State's largest manufacturer and wholesaler of GFRC boulders, cliff panels and monuments, Rock & Water Creations is proud to provide the highest quality, most realistic replicated rock products available to our valuable customers in a variety of industries.

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